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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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. just about 45 minutes the funeral procession for a fallen san jose police officer will start. we'll bring you pictures as the event gets underway. more trouble for oakland police as we learn more about racist text messages between the officers. we are live are henry lee. the weather heating up are people dressing too casual for work? we're talking with a -- with a staffing manager about the casual dress for the office. welcome to mornings on 2. you see a flag going up in honor of police officer michael katherman. you will see the profession leaving and heading out to san hoe aas the firefighters and police officers are paying tribute to the memorial will be
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at sap and we're there. we will hear from her in a moment. welcome to the news cast. and welcome this morning. >> nice to be here. >> and 11 years on the force protecting the citizens of san jose. >> as the case for a lot of officer funerals a lot of police officers not only from san jose but from all over the country. the doors will open for a public memorial for the police officer mike katherman. >> he was that motorcycle officer killed in the crash. he was on duty at the time, thousands and as you said officers from across the state, they are expected to attend. and we're live at the site of the event there at the center with a look at what is going on in preparation for today's memorial service. >> mike in the last hour we have seen a lot of activity
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here, police are staging as well as firefighters getting ready for the service. you can see right now there are two fire trucks who have extended the ladders and hanging a very large -- the largest size american flag there, that's called the garrison flag. they hang that out of a sign of respect during holidays, veteran's day as well as funeral services for those that they want to honor. we know the procession for the officer mike katherman will be driving underneath that, a motorcade of officers will leave a funeral home at 945 and escort the body to the center. they are set to arrive here at 10:30 a.m. and they will take surface streets. 6,000 people will attend the service which starts at 11:00
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a.m. the officers have been with his wife and two young sons offering support since his death last tuesday. he died in a crash riding his police motorcycle. he was an avid rider and his own personal motorcycle will be on stage at his memorial. the chief, fellow officers and family members will be speaking and telling stories about how he lived his life. after the service another procession to a cemetery in gill roy for a private burr ral. all police officers who are working will be able to attend the service. thesy will be protected. here is a photo tweeted by the police department showing all of the law enforcement agencies from the bay area who are filling in and taking over operations in the city. back out here live you can see this picture, a very, very, respectful tribute here to the officer katherman as the flag
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hangs right on santa clara street which right now is partially closed and will be this morning. an emotional day here in downtown san jose as everyone pays their respect to the officer. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, we'll have live streaming coverage of the memorial when it beginning. to watch log on to or the mobile app. in oakland the mayor is defending her decision to place the police department under civilian oversight. leadership has had several changes and three different chiefs during the nine-day span that's why the city has been dealing with a scandal involving officers having sex with the teenaged prostitute. they put the city manager in charge of the administrative matters. and the standards and training agency is call that arrangement illegal but the mayor said it complies with state police
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regulations. the mayor says that acting assistant chief, the highest ranking member of the department is in charge of tactical and operational matters at this time. the mayor said he will remain in that position until new permanent chief is indeed found. then we have a new development in another scandal involving the oakland police department. we have confirmed a second inspector from the district attorney's office has been placed on leave. that inspector was one of six recipients of racist text messages that circulated among some of the african-american police commanders. they have obtained some of those one features the n word and a picture of donald sterile hog was forced out of the nba for making racist comments. sources tell us that the texts were sent by an african- american lieutenant to several officers. that lieutenant is accused of sending them to a white homicide investigators, a text
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that showed a kkk member on a cereal box with the message, quote, i hear you got boxes of these in your cupboard. civil rights attorney john burris calls them, quote, unacceptable. >> regardless of the race they are held to the same morale code. an african-american officer should not send those are racially tinged or racist in nature. >> we have learned that the racist texts were uncovered with the help of a homicide sergeant who had a falling out with that lieutenant accused of sending the texts. both lieutenant and the sergeant are currently on leave from the oakland police department. we're joined by henry lee. you have been covering oakland police for a long time. have you seen anything like this? >> the officers allegedly who beat up -- framed suspects, drug suspects that led to that consist decree in 2003 and reforms that the police are
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trying to maintain up to this very day. we had three chiefs back in 2013 but never this chaos in the his of the department circumstances it the messages that have been send back and forth, is it that reason why the mayor has kind of pulled back and said i'll wait to find a chief and not assign an ininterim or acting chief or all of them combined. >> it is the acumulative effect and by new officers and veterans in the case of the racist texts scandal. now, how many? >> there are six who traded both black and white officers who traded the racist texts and memes i confirmed that the second da inspector is on leave. he is a former police officer. while it is reaching bond opd and beyond. >> how is the community
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supposed to have confidence that it will be resolved when it is stretching out to so many areas of law enforcement in the city where there are already struggles and you know there is a time issue here. you take a while to find a chief. you look, you search, it can take months. how long do they operate under this setup with the city administrator and you know an acting assistant. >> time will tell, david down something the acting assistant chief. he may be retiring but i think that way before then the mayor wants to find a permanent chief from outside. because neither he nor she or the federal monitor overseeing the department of reform is happy with any of the current command officers. >> is she handling this the right way? >> to back up on mike's question, how long before it affects her, her image. i assume she wants to run for reelect. the way she handles it will show about who she is.
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>> i think the city is quite frankly the laughing -- it made national news. cnn, broadcast networks and people wondering what in going on with oakland, the police and the mayor. she is trying to do the best she can. some are giving her bluedits but -- plaudits but we are hearing more and more. >> how about the arrangement and the question is it legal with the standards and having the administrationor there. she is saying this is fine leave it like this. is this a battle which causes more uncertainty. >> post the commission on training. this is illegal but the mayor said we're a charter city. it allows the administrator to rightly take charge until a permanent chief is found. within the law. >> when all is said and done, weeks, months, a year down the road, do you think we'll have a committee in the city of
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oakland? >> that's possible. >> is it time. >> this is the time to have a civilian in charge at this point. you know what, everyone has come and gone. we have cycled to top 3, 4 folks. when will this end. officers who are trying to fight crime amid broken police radios, high call volume. >> everyone wants itics. >> like a commission, something that they want this some kind of control the union is concerned, who would died that, is that up to the council to decide if that exists? >> there is something on the ballot in november possibly. we'll see what happens as far as oversight and whether anyone wants to come in and lead the department. >> you figure the leadership and the rank and file f you joined oakland he all agencies are struggling to recruit
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officers. they say join the department this is a great place to work, how do you get people to say stick with us the city needs your help. >> the judge overseeing reform said you will work with the monitor to work on hiring and practice and recruiting. these are new officers getting in trouble. >> did we find out why figueroa stepped down? >> we're hearing scuttle but that we can say that you know he -- no one wants their private lives looked at f are you an officer are you held to a higher standard. what very not been given a reason why he took leave and wants to return as a captain with opd. some people are calling for the mayor to resign and a complete overhaul of the department. and the state attorney-general is monerring this. does the oakland police department need an outsider in charge of the department more change needed? let us know what you think
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especially if you are a resident of oakland hash tag ktvu is how you can reach us. coming up on mornings 2, allegations of trafficking and prostitution, a neighborhood in pleasant hills. >> a plot to assassinate donald trump. and the arrest made after a call at one of his rallies.
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turning to the race for the white house, we're hear hog may be on hillary clinton's short- list of vice presidential candidates. according to sources close to the campaign, vice president candidates include elizabeth warren, virginia signature tim kaine and a lawmaker from a battleground state and the julian castro, a rising star in the democratic party. hillary clinton has until the last week of july to pick a
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running mate that's in time for the democratic national convention. a british man arrested at a donald trump rally in vegas tried to grab a police officer's gun so he could kill trump. michael sanford tried to shoot him. he wanted an autograph and grabbed the gun. he had been planning to assassinate him for about a year. the secret service has charged him with violating two federal laws including assault and face up to ten years in prison if convicted. meantime, donald trump is dealing with a shake up in his campaign after firing his campaign manager cory lewandowski. source said he was forced out because of his poor relationship with republican party leaders. he is talented but it is time
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for a different campaign. >> we don't know so much a surprise. i'm honored to be a part of the team. it has been a privilege to be a part of the team. >> the campaign will be run by a veteran strategist. he has a build a general election campaign apparatus almost from scratch running up against hillary clinton's deep cash reserves. the f.b.i. released partial transcripts of conversations between the orlando gunman and negotiators during that three-hour standoff. omar ma teen called 911 after shoots were fired. he identified himself and pledged allegiance to isis. there were three calls between the killer and negotiators lasting 9 minutes, 16 seconds. two survivors say this friday will be a tough day, that's the
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day they will bury a third girl with them that night and who did not make it out alive, 18- year-old akira murray. >> that is my reality. i have to speak at her funeral. i have to do her hair and makeup. that will be the last time i get to see her i know she cannot talk back. >> just 18 years old. she was the youngest of the 49 people killed by the gunman. she had graduated third in her class from high school in philadelphia and had gone to orlando to celebrate. she was a star basketball player who had a full college scholarship. >> following those events in orlando, security at the pride celebration will be ramped up for more on that and the other
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stories let's go to dave clark. >> it is a top priority and that memorial in the district is growing honoring the people shot and killed in orlando. >> new safety measures will be in place and for the first time ever metal detectors will be installed at plaza. bars and restaurants, they are adding other security measures. >> they will wait and we will have will not allow backpacks and there will be security at the door. >> there will be overtime for some police officers, vacation days will be granted with the approval of a deputy chief and both uniform and plain clothes officers out on patrol. leaders are asking anyone going to the event to sign up for a public safety text
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messaging system called alert sf. you can register by texting alert af to 888777. the united states senate voted down a series of gun control bills in the wake of what happened in the orlando mass shooting. two of the proposals rejected would have expanded background checks. the others would have prevented people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. the outcome was expected since the same lawmakers voted down similar gun control measures in december after the san bernardino shooting. the u.s. supreme court refused to review sweeping bans on assault weapons in new york and in connecticut. activists mounted a challenge of the law, they argued they were inrational, ineffect testify and violated rights to bear arrangements and the second amendment. this in the wake of the sandy hook shootings in connecticut. those are some of the
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headlines from the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you, dave. coming up on mornings on 2. fraud and allegations against starbucks in a lawsuit that a judge has allowed to go forward. a violent attack interrupted. the action by two men who ran to their neighbor's aid and are being hail adhere row. hailed a hero.
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♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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finding dory pulled in $135 million in the opening weekend. that's a record for an animated and second best of any movie in june of any year. this could be a strong summer for the movie industry and sequels in particular. besides finding dory, there is independence day based on the original which premiered 20 years ago. star broke: beyond, the fifth installment of the ice age movies. until they hit the screen,
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though, experts said finding dory will be a whale of a force at the box office. >> you like that. >> i like that. >> i saw the movie. i contributed to that. >> you liked it, you know i look at sequels i say i'm you know, i like original screen plays. >> i do, too. a study finds that millennials engage with their smartphones more than face to face with people. that is no surprise, according to a survey four in ten between the ages of 18 to 34 say they inter act more with their phones than they do with the significant others, parents, friends, children or co-workers compared with one in three people of all ages who say they engage with their smartphones more. >> taking your phone away. >> co-workers, friends. >> now i have three phones. all right. let's talk about lattes. there is a lawsuit that crossed
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another hurdle. a judge ruled that a lawsuit against starbucks can go forward. there are two officers not happy. they are suing for fraud. the -- pitches are heat milk is mismarked. the lines are too low. the drink cups only have 1/4 inch of free space they say the customers paying suppose to be 12, 15 or 20-ounces are being cheated. starbucks will remake drinks if they are not satisfied. >> a judge will hear arguments over whether evidence in a kidnapping case should be thrown out. the attorney for the suspect matthew muller said police illegally accessed a cell phone while she left in the scene. they say a rob kerr not expect
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privacy for any item left behind. after up locking the phone they linked muller with an abduction. and police mistakenly labeled it as a hoax then later admitted that the kidnapping kid occur. if convicted mull core face life in prison. three men are being hailed as heroes for saving a woman who was being stabbed and choked at her home. add we find out, they disregarded their own safety and stobbed the attack. >> the scream pierced through a window from two hours away. >> it was fear, it was deep fear, she ran out as a neighbor was running out. >> it was over in that direction. >> i knew someone was getting hurt. that's -- i knew it was not good. >> he was coaching a softball player when he heard the
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screaming. he heard the screams and went to the house where she was screaming, i was a man named kevin. he looked through it. without a moment's hesitation jumped up and launched himself over. >> he was he flew over that thing. >> it was amazing. >> charles tooker tried to stab his ex-girlfriend to death. she had a lot of blood and shaking and covered in debris. >> his quote according to her was that he came to kill her. i have come here to kill you. >> the anyones raced to the defense and breaking through that fence not knowing what was on the other side, she mentioned that the fellow had a gun, they tackled and subdued the suspect. when the deputies showed up they found the gun in the grass. she was stabbed eight times but released from the hospital on saturday night. >> there is not a doubt in the
9:27 am
neighborhood that the three neighbors saved her. >> i believe he meant to kill her, i do. >> we didn't think we went and did what was necessary. >> we were unsuccessful in tracking down the third hero the man who jumped over the fence to save the victim while gato got the lock open. we're told from the neighborhood they create him for saving that woman's life, as for the suspect, he faces attempted murder charges. as mentioned the suspect is facing attempted murder charges. he is 40-year-old charles tooker. he is scheduled to be arraigned today. still to come the 9 in 30 minute as group called the anti- police terror program will address the public. the demands to build a better oakland. as the weather heats up. officer managers are keeping an eye on the dress codes. we're live with a staffing
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manager on some of the top violations happening today.
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it is time toe check twitter. and the oakland police department, time to have outside oversight of the department? >> a council of representatives each but a chief who answers to all of them and put yourself on silence, sal, it was an alarm. i don't know why i set an alarm for 9:15 if i slept during the show. >> you have been alerted. >> what is interesting about this question because there is so much going on with the department, you know, someone was saying you know, why don't
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you pay attention to this or this. they're not visible on the street. i had a couple of people saying san francisco is looking for a chief. it reminds us what is going on with the bay area police departments and really. i think there is a level of frustration in two cities at least right now if not more. >> can you reach us at ktvu at any time. let's bring in steve. >> i got pam saying at this time looks like glass on the estuary. >> it is like glass. >> let's cut some butter out there. >> last night we have the cloud cover it was a gorgeous sun set. i had 40 pictures we're warming up. it it is -- it is quick.
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70s, 80s, almost 100 inland. a slight cool down. thursday and friday a jump on saturday. the toyota 350. be advised traffic issues as well. >> and 121, all of them. >> i went up not knowing what was going on. >> what the heck. >> that's in the high 90s. >> it is always hot there. and more about a man who is under arrest accused of human trafficking and running a prostitution ring. >> he ran a brothel out of anomia pleasant hill neighborhood. >> and we are live with new details on the resident reaction from the neighbors. >> we spoke with the pleasant hill police department a moment ago. and they say the man behind this told the women he had had
9:33 am
a business with modeling and having to deal with dance but he was running a brothel from a quiet two-story home here in pleasant hill. i want to show how the police arrested and charged. he is 54-year-old dommic salazar. he was arrested on human trafficking charges. his so-called business was mad girls fitness club. online it advertised training and job placement for modeling. dance e pole fitness and massage but it was a front. the police were tipped off officers came and posed as clients last week. when they got there they were offered sex in exchange for money. that's when he was taken into custody. there was evidence inside of the home that police say he rented. take a plan listen. >> the lower part had been converted into a strip club
9:34 am
brothel. the upstairs was living quarters. the bottom stairs had a small bar for guests, black lights. curtains up. the dining room and living room were converted to the appearance of a brothel. >> now the police investigate how long this had been going on. it may have gone back to 2010 but for people near the home, he first moved in there three years ago, they had some reservations they say because of a van he drove that advertises business but that he was pretty friendly. >> all of a sudden it was a year ago the whole court would be jam packed with cars. for the previous years that we have been here, it was, there were hardly any of them up there. >> reporter: now, he was charged by the da last friday and is in custody on $250,000
9:35 am
bail. he is due in court for a hearing next week. police say the victims are helped out by a group called the community violence solution. it is an active investigation according to the police. if you saw or heard anything contact the police department here in pleasant hill. >> thank you very much. >> woman who stole a ambulance in san francisco this month is due back in court in connection with another arrest. the ver ron ca barahona was taken into custody after breaking into a home. she was arrested after she stole a ambulance from san francisco and led police on a chase before crashing on treasure eye. police say she was booked on multiple charges and released from jail two days later. >> it is unfortunate that often-times those who are criminals they just go three a
9:36 am
revolving door through the judicial system. >> and she was scared off. she was found hiding in the backyard when the police arrived. the mayors of san francisco and oakland are hosting a women's sut mit. the mayors are holding the event in partnership with the women's foundation of california in san francisco. special guests include veilry jarrett and rosie ruiz. and i don't know why i said that. >> and the goal is to advance equity and opportunity in the san francisco bay area. in oakland a group called the anti-police terror program is holding a news conference in front of the oakland police department. they will call for the cutting of the oakland budget. they want that cut in half and want the resignation of the mayor. the group said even after 13
9:37 am
years of federal government oversight they believe nothing has changed. they criticize the mayor for spending her first day in the office with the police department. and according to research -- fearing suits in the office, not us. >> and research addressing for work may be going out of style. >> 50 percent of managers said employees wear less formal clothing than they did five years ago and says that most people would rather work somewhere with a casual dress code. >> and rich noreen joins us this morning with more on the evolution of the work place attire and some of the top violations in today's work place. rich. >> good morning i see that you -- >> is this a violation, are you right in line. , it has not got to news anchors yet. >> it is competitive out
9:38 am
there. first thing that came to mind was going to get a job interview and dressing up in a suit add tie is the first instinct, could be docked for dressing up too much? >> i don't think so. we err to overdressing. over the last five, ten years what are the surveys are showing. those standards have loosened a little. that's the evolution of the work place where you know maybe that formal suit is down to business casual and then down to casual. in this day at age in tech forms there is not forward facing interaction it is behind the scenes t is competitive. >> maybe we're in the bay area we have the tech firms what very this aversion of -- depending on the age of the manager how long they have been there, how formal the work place is, you cannot transfer that to everyone that you may deal with or work with. >> i mean people see, watch tv
9:39 am
and see silicon valley and wearing t-shirts and flip flops to work. we look at it know you have to dress nice and you have to not be sloppy at work. even though it may have been skewed down. in another survey 80 percent see dress code as a reason for promotion or not. so we look at that dress for the part and make sure that are you going above and beyond. >> mike mentioned the job interview. let's say are you going to a silicone valley firm. would it help to know the culture and figure out what to wear and dress up like them. dress like them or is that not something. >> we advise that any time you go for an interview see what that company culture is. take another step further. you don't want to under dress and talk to someone who worked at the firm for 20 years. kind of dress the part and take
9:40 am
it up. not a full suit but business casual. >> and because everyone wear as hoodie does not mean you have to. >> how about gee gravy and business casual and suits. i think of san francisco we're my mom does not wear denim in the city. mayor brown well dressed people in san francisco, just a class act. how much does gee gravy play a role, i would say it is more the firms. the law firms, financial services are stuck in their more formal dress. and in san francisco the hot bed. and they're all vying for the same candidates, we found out when the candidates are looking for you know maybe that one extra perk in a more casual code could push them over the edge. >> top violations maybe the suit. [ laughter ] >> what else. >> white after labor day. >> that's not a rule any more.
9:41 am
>> as we get into the summer months the showing too much skin. flip flops, shorts, those are no go. >> less is not more. >> yes. >> you think i have another one. the more casual you are the more productive are you at work, do you have research about that? >> or the opposite maybe? >> i think that, it is to the person but i think that some people are more casual and feel more casual and productive. some like wearing suits and feel that that propels them into the job. >> rich, thank you very much. >> i'm still going to wear a suit. >> thank you very much. coming up on mornings on 2. a devastating loss for the golden state. the shirt that lebron wore more insult to injury. items of joan rivers going up for auction. the organization that will
9:42 am
receive some of the proceeds.
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9:44 am
in a few minutes getting underway is what i was told the procession for police officer killed in the line of duty, the procession is for motorcycle officer michael katherman. and it is starting at the darling fisher chapel in los gatos, his casket being driven to san jose to the center for the 11:00 service. >> we can show you live pictures from outside. as can you see there the flag that now rests between the two
9:45 am
ladder trucks. thousands some of the acontinuedies are and speakers include the police chief eddie garcia, and fellow officers who graduated from the police academia long with the officer katherman, there is a procession to the sap center. they will take surface streets. traffic will be congested and early afternoon. can you see from the live pictures. >> let you know. >> he was a good family man he lives two children and a wife, 34 years old, doing what he loved. motorcycle police officer he was a motorcycle lover. doing a tough job. those who ride the bikes are doing traffic control or doing
9:46 am
motor aid escorts he was hit and killed in a collision last week in san jose. the driver of that van that hit him stayed at the scene. >> and he died after the crash. >> a religious man i remember just last year sitting here in the studio covering the funeral procession for michael johnson who was shot and killed in march. he was involved in regards to providing support for the family and it is called a chief kelly club. an organization that does provide support for officers and their families. here we are a little bit more than a year later watching the procession for officer katherman to the center. >> again can you watch all of this on we will be streaming it in its entirety. can you go there and watch it. moving from one sad story
9:47 am
to another, the toddler killed after being attacked by a gator in florida will be laid to rest today. the funeral for lane graves will take place in elkhart, nebraska. he died a week ago after a gator dragged him into a lagoon. his father who rushed to his aid could not free him. his death led to changes including new fencing and the posting of gator warning signs. and bay area organization is about to reap the benefit of this week's celebrity auction t is in new york and there are some items being auctioned off that belonged to joan rivers. and we have more where rivers had a long time link to guide dogs for the blind. >> this is how she would have lived. >> she loved her manhattan penthouse full of french antiques. decor over the top as she was.
9:48 am
>> and some 200 items are up for grabs. gowns and jewelry from her career. front and center for wednesday's auction, guide dogs for the blind. staff and dogs are in new york. >> i do know that we are going to be receiving a portion of the proceeds. >> how much will come to the headquarters?where the dogs are bred and trained to help the blind, the amount will be up to her daughter after the auction is done. >> a lot of the things come from harry winston and they are going to go for quite a bit of money. >> any questions on the training that you may not have been able to think of. >> 300 dogs are teared -- paired and trained and never at a cost to the client, this is a third dog given to the teacher over the decades. >> it is freedom and independence that you don't get
9:49 am
when you use a cane,. >> they're the ones that get you around the pole or the can or the stop at the curb but it costs 31,000 to rain a dog and hand ler. joan rivers has been donating since the 1980s when they visited the campus. >> this was for joan rivers famous dog spike. >> the silver dog bowl has a bid of $500. along with a dog bed to fetch 1,000. that's a black feather jacket in the middle a beaded gown. 800-dollars is the bid. >> a lot of refinery where the puppy handlers where they wear scrubs all day. >> rivers estate sent jewelry to be auctioned off for the next fund raiser in september. only two charities were chose ton benefit from the auction. the other is a new york non- profit that makes and delivers
9:50 am
meals to people who are too ill to cook for themselves. we'll be right back after this. e nternet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability at an everyday price with no extra fees. keep calm, your internet's on.
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♪ caress presents... the world's first bodywash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. now in 4 unforgettable fragrances the giants have the eight game winning streak snapped in pittsburgh. the pirates won 1-0. the only run of the game was this shot down the left field line. it was a homerun that almost was not. and it was in the glove and then lost into the stands. he was angered by that.
9:53 am
he through his glove. a shot in the fineth. and bell doubled off at first. he thought that the drive was going to drop. and bad news for the team. matt duffy on a 15 day dl with a strained left achilles. in kansas city a fan is celebrating a milestone. chris coats attended his 1,000th game and taken him 12 years to go to that many. he has taken off work and skipped family functions and battled cancer. he it is his 1002 games. it does not include the trips to watch the royals on the road. >> wow. all right. >> right. >> and the warriors season did not ent the way they hoped. but there will not be a large victory parade in oakland there are large flags and banners throughout the city showing our support for the team. the finals resulted in a
9:54 am
financial boost for charities and businesses. three parties attracted thousands. there were restaurants and bars holding parties and the proceeds benefited the community foundation. >> for them0 to not get to the championship and then break all the records along the way has given a feel. >> and the warriors have given grants to the east oakland youth development center. donations pay for a gym. the foundation is adding up the fundraising totals but this year to surpass last season by $100,000. they are rumored to be targeting agents. and kevin durant is a name that's come up before. now the mercury news said they could be interested in dirk
9:55 am
nowitzki. the team will be aggressive in the off season. durant is the top target. and dirk said he wants to remain in dallas but has said if the team decides to rebuild he may change his mind. lebron took one more jab at the warriors. he got off the plane with a the trophy and wearing a shirt that says ultimate warrior, that was a wrestling legend but there is little doubt that was meant to depress his feelings over beating the warriors. right now the procession underway for the san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. for officer michael katherman. that started just about ten minutes ago in the city of los
9:56 am
gatos. the casket is being driven to the sap center. the service will start at 11. we'll look at pictures of the officer and his family that's going on inside now. we're looking at that here. pictures of him, kids, father, mother. family leave. he was 34 years old had children and a wife. and he was a good family man by all accounts and loved doing his job even attended some motorcycle officer rides expressing support for others and that's how he lived his life. let's take you outside. if you look at the pictures outside the sap center. there are police officers that made arrangements for them to be there so they can be a part of the memorial for him. you have thousands that will attend and line the streets as well. and it is he is going forward for the service. you got the speakers and have
9:57 am
the attorney-general. police chief. eddie garcia. and his father and officers who graduated with him. >> being a father of two sons. being how difficult it would be for those young boys as well as his wife, can you watch this on, thank you for joining us. .
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